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You will simply not find anyone who does logistics better than Direct Access, Inc. We are leaders in the global logistics community and pride ourselves on our creative and innovative solutions.

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Mail Forwarding

Incredible convenience with exceptional reliability. Your location is no obstacle to receiving your correspondence and packages.

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Miscellaneous Services

Consulting services, order preparation, shipment consolidation, pre-loading and drop shipping – the list of services we provide ensures we can cover all of your business needs.

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About Us

Direct Access, Inc. has become one of the most well-known names in the global shipping and logistics field. Our commitment to providing comprehensive and reliable services at unbeatable rates has made us the number one choice for businesses looking for logistics solutions and assistance. We are always adding to our list of available services based on the feedback and needs of our customers.

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Order Fulfillment
Order Fulfillment services, you can feel confident knowing we will have your orders filled and shipped out accurately and on time.

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If you have a new space and are unsure of how to aptly utilize it, Direct Access, Inc. can help. We can assess the space and your needs and provide you with the most effective floor plan and layout to maximize that space.

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Quality Control
Our staff is diligent and observant. They are trained to inspect all deliveries for potential issues or product/shipment damages and make timely notifications for quick solutions.

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Service Customization
We try to address every possible need our customers may have, but sometimes you need something extra. Direct Access, Inc. allows for the majority of services to be customized so your specific needs are addressed.

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Why Choose Parceller.Com?

Direct Access, Inc. (owner of is considered a leader in the global shipping and logistics solutions industry. We maintain global presence, have an impressive customer satisfaction rating as a direct result of our commitment to excellence and our ability to provide customers with the best possible experience and service. Through our vast network of carriers, we can offer our customers the best rates in the business. No one comes close to our pricing and service.

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Overview About Our Services offers a wide range of services to fit our customers’ needs. From logistics, mail forwarding, order fulfillment, consultation and brokerage services, we strive to give you, the customer, what you need to be successful.

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Superior Service And Support prides itself on putting customers first and ensuring that all of our customers’ needs and expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

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Environmentally Friendly employs the latest recycling techniques and utilizes every available environmental program available to us. We are constantly seeking ways to lower our carbon footprint.

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Without our customers, we are nothing. If our customers succeed, we succeed. It’s as simple as that. Our customers are our number one priority and our staff works diligently to see that all of their needs are met.

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Our Testimonials

  • After I moved to Sydney for work, I had a lot of headaches getting my mail situation in order. That is, until I found Parceller. Their easy to use service and responsive agents make keeping track of important correspondence easy. I don't know what I'd do without this company!

    Armelle Bossicar

  • Parceller is a life saver! I moved to Fiji about six months ago to do volunteer work, and I had no idea what to do with my mail, until I found this company. They keep my mail sorted, forward only the important pieces, and never charge me for junk mail. Plus, it's super affordable, which is great!

    Andrea Disegni Almeyda

  • I live in a remote area in southern Chile, and the postal service is pretty lackluster. With Parceller, though, I don't have to worry about missing any important letters. I just log on to my account, and my mail is available at my fingertips. Highly recommended.

    Rosa Graw Sanchez

  • I'm so impressed! I needed to order several things from US companies to get shipped to Uruguay, and I decided to give Parceller a try. Not only are they super easy to use, they packaged all my items in one box to save on shipping! I will definitely be recommending them to my friends.

    Valentina Zoffoli

  • A few months ago I found the perfect present for my wife's birthday, a beautiful sculpture. Unfortunately, we live in Johannesburg, and the artist was in California. Instead of giving up, I found Parceller. They treated the piece with care, packaged it perfectly, and got it here in plenty of time!

    Maria Beer

  • I run an import business in southern India, and finding the right shipping company has been a headache. Finally, I stumbled across Parceller. They get my packages to me in record time, with every single item accounted for and in perfect condition. I won't do business with any other shipping company.

    Katherine Oja

  • The thing I love most about Parceller is their attention to customer service. I can hop online and chat with an agent whenever I need to for updates on my packages, or if I have any problems with a shipment. It's a huge relief to know they are available when I need them.

    Siiri Olsson

  • I travel a lot for my job, all over the United Kingdom, and I don't want my mail piling up at home. I've tried a handful of mail forwarding services over the years, and Parceller is hands down the best out there. Easy access, great customer service, and affordable. You can't go wrong.

    Aleksey Ivanov

  • For the last six years I've been splitting my time between my family home in Tamil Nadu, and my business in Los Angeles. I can't afford to miss a single piece of correspondence, and Parceller makes sure I never do. This service alone has lowered my blood pressure significantly!

    Tayyip Demir

  • A couple years ago, the wife and I decided to hit the open road with our RV and see what America had to offer. I knew we needed some way to keep track of our mail, though, and after a few other companies, I found Parceller. Perfect service, easy to use, just what we need. Now it's just us and the road!

    Faisal Hussain

  • I live in Bangladesh, but it's hard to find good makeup at decent prices. Ordering it from overseas is crazy difficult, though! Luckily, my friend told me about Parceller, and all my prayers were answered. I can get the perfect foundation shipped right to me, without spending a million dollars!

    Hisham Zein

  • I can't tell you how amazing it is to never have to look at another piece of junk mail. I live in Dallas, and I used to get armfuls of ads. Now that Parceller handles my mail for me, I only get the things I really need to see. Saves me time and energy--two things I don't have enough of!

    Zhang Kuang-an

  • I live in Oslo, and last year for Christmas I had to order a bunch of last minute gifts from overseas. I used Parceller my first time and I have to say I was blown away. The fact that they took pictures of my items, AND put them all into just one box meant I didn't have to worry about a thing. A+ service.

    Ho Euikon

  • I travel around Europe about nine months of the year for my job, and I can't afford to miss any piece of mail. More importantly, due to the nature of my work, I often receive confidential client information. Parceller makes sure every piece of my correspondence is handled with utmost care and privacy.

    Pasquale Bonifacio

  • Perfect service! I ordered a custom guitar from a shop in Nashville, to be shipped to Cardiff. I was worried, as it was a pricy guitar, and my first time using Parceller, but I couldn't be happier! The packaging was sturdy and secure, and my guitar actually showed up a day ahead of schedule!

    Igor Semyonov


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