Environment And Recycling

Our company believes in complete commitment to being the best we can be in not only our area of expertise, but as part of the community as a whole. We take steps to make certain we comply with our company mission and standards. We have an ethical obligation to provide quality services to our customers, create a safe and pleasant working environment for our employees, and create minimal impact on the environment.

Here are some of the ways we accomplish these goals:

  • Purchase computer hardware and equipment with extended operating lives to eliminate the need for frequent replacements
  • Maximize efforts to recycle as much material as possible with an eye to improving our current recycling rate of 80%
  • Taking part in all available recycling programs from regional to local community level
  • Make concentrated efforts to reduce our overall carbon footprint
  • Reduce waste and energy usage by using energy efficient equipment and processes
  • Reduce paperwork by using electronic means of internal and external communications, invoicing, and scheduling
  • Evaluate processes with the intent to eliminate duplicate or unnecessary work
  • Maintaining a positive presence in our local community to foster mutually beneficial relationships


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