I require the services of a registered agent. Is this something Direct Access, Inc. can do for me?
Yes, we most certainly can act as your registered agent. Just indicate that we are performing that function for you and we will do the rest.
When signing up for the mail forwarding, are there forms that need to be signed?
All customers requesting mail forwarding services from our company will be required to fill out a USPS 1583 form. This is a requirement under federal laws and must occur prior to transferring handling of your mail to us. Here is a link to that form: https://about.usps.com/forms/ps1583.pdf. You may also pick up a form at a local U.S. post office branch.
How do I fill out this 1583 form?
We have detailed instructions on our website that will walk you through each step of the form.
Can I just have my mail automatically forwarded?
Yes, you can choose to have mail forwarded automatically on a weekly or monthly cycle. You may also choose to designate the disposition of each piece of mail if you desireso. At any time, you may log in to your account and modify your preferences for your mail service.
Are there any types of mail or packages that you cannot process for me?
No, there are no restrictions on types of mail that we can handle. Any letters or packages, regardless of size, are fine. Packages and envelopes from all carriers will also be accepted (UPS, USPS, FedEx, etc.).
How do I start to use my new address?
Simply provide the address we provided to you to anyone you wish. Any mail they send you will be processed by us first before you receive it. You can provide this address to a select few or to everyone you have dealings with, personally or professionally. You also have the option to change your legal mailing address to this new address.
What happens when my mail is addressed with misspelled names?
Mail that has been addressed with misspellings will still be received and processed by us. The most important part is that the mailbox number is correct. No worries on your end, it’s all taken care of in our facilities.
Am I able to speak with a “live” person if I have a problem?
Absolutely. We have customer service reps available by phone, chat or e-mail for your convenience.
I need to check some of my older invoices. Can I access those online?
Yes, simply log into your account and choosing the “billing” option to view all of your billing and account information.
Am I able to cancel my account?
Yes, you can cancel your account at any time. Though, if you made the decision on cancelling for reasons related to the service you experienced, we would prefer you call us to discuss the issue. To cancel your service, log in to your account and select the option to cancel the account.
How should my mail be addressed?
Your mail should include your name and the address that you chose at the time of your account set-up. You may also change the address by logging into your account and selecting another address option.
Can I let someone else use my address?
There are no limitations placed on how many people can use the mail service as long as they have your approval. You will need to make sure that the number of mail pieces does not exceed the plan limits. There are limits to the number of pieces of mail than can be processed each month under your plan.
How is the mail processed on your end?
You receive notifications about the mail we have received on your behalf. You instruct us as to how you would like us to handle each piece (disposal, forwarding, additional processing). Your instructions are followed to closely.
Is my mail ever opened by your employees?
As a regular part of the processing, no, your mail is not opened. However, if you instruct us to, we can open the mail and photograph the contents for your review. You may want to do this in cases where you are unsure of the nature of the mail or package and would like to confirm the contents prior to giving us disposition instructions.
How long does it take for me to get mail?
For mail that has been forwarded, time frames will vary depending on the carrier used to forward the items. If you have requested a scan of the contents prior to instructing us to handle a particular piece, there is a one-day processing time between the time of your initial request and the scan being sent to you for review.
Are the mail scans of good quality?
Yes, we use high-resolution scanning and you will have no problem reading the scans of your mail online.
I get a large volume of junk mailings. Will those items be counted toward my plan limit?
No, we do not penalize our customers for junk mail that is received. It is automatically discarded and will not count toward your monthly limits.
I live near your headquarters. Can I just stop and pick up my mail?
No, we are not set-up for customers to pick up their own mail. There are several low costs options available for your forwarding services.


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