Mail Forwarding Overview

We are fortunate that innovations and advancement in travel have made it easier to travel. People can travel for business, take overseas vacations, and even split their time between residences with relative ease.

The problem is the little things. Traveling a lot or splitting time between different residences can sometimes equate to a big headache when it comes to your mail and package deliveries. Where should you have your items sent? What if you decide at the last minute to pack up and change locales? Who is going to get your mail?

We listened to our customers’ issues and created a way to provide them with a means to getting all of their mail and deliveries regardless of their location.

Our Mail Forwarding service allows for our customers to get access to their mail wherever they are in the world.

By simply using the address that we provide to you, you can have all of your mail sent to us and then you can decide where you would like those items forwarded.

Many customers use this address as their legal mailing address so that all of their deliveries come to us first. The bad news is sometimes this means junk mail. The good news is that junk mail does not count toward your piece limit on your plan and it is immediately disposed of upon receipt. You don’t even have to deal with it.

You can even opt to have our staff open your mail or packages and photograph the contents enabling you to best decide how to proceed.

Simple As E-Mail

You can get access to all your mail simply by logging into your online account. Outer packaging is photographed and sent to you via our system notification. You then decide what you would like us to do with it – forward it, dispose of it, or photograph the contents for further review by you.

Out Of Town? No Problem

You can access your account from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.

Plan Variety

We have a plan option that fits all needs and budgets. Simply select the plan that best fits your requirements. It’s that simple. At any point in the future, you can change plans if your needs change. Plans start at $19.95/month and you can select various upgrades to enhance the chosen plan. Upgrades do come at an additional charge.

Privacy And Security

A top concern is customer confidentiality. We take every measure available to ensure your privacy. All mail and packaging is held in a secure area and handling is kept to a minimum. When items need to be removed from storage to photograph contents, they are taken to a separate area that is set up specifically for that purpose. The contents are photographed and the item is immediately returned to the secure holding area to await your instructions.


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