Direct Access, Inc. understands how difficult it can be to entrust someone with your personal information. Our staff receives extensive and ongoing training in the areas of privacy and confidentiality. The importance of protecting the personal data of our customers is reiterated on a continual basis and is the cornerstone of our continued success.

Our customers know that we take their privacy very seriously. We employ the latest software protections and measures within our facilities to keep private information private.

Private Mailboxes

Employees are aware that first and foremost they are to protect clients’ confidentiality. Handling of customers’ mail is kept to a minimum and we have several protocols in place throughout the processing to maintain that confidentiality.

Customers’ information is never released to any third party except in instances of a court order.


When scanning is required, the handling time is kept minimal. Mail is only removed from the secured storage location long enough to scan the items and then it is promptly returned. The scanning area itself is private and personnel have access on a limited basis.

Scans once processed are sent through your private log-in and are only accessible to you.

Receiving And Storage

When mail arrives in our facility it is promptly tagged and given a unique identification number. Once it has been labeled, it is taken without delay to the secure storage area.

Shredding And Recycling

Direct Access, Inc. shreds all unwanted materials and waste whenever possible. Shredding ensures that personal information does not fall into the hands of individuals who would use it for identity theft and other fraud crimes.

By recycling shredding and other materials, we not only protect customers’ privacy, but we help the environment as well. We recycle as much material as we possibly can to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.


We screen our employees vigorously prior to hiring them. This is the most important part of our vetting process besides ensuring they have all of the necessary skills and qualifications to perform the job they are seeking to fill. Character also plays a factor in selecting candidates for hire. They must demonstrate they are dependable and worthy of the trust we will be placing in them.

In our facilities, all non-employees have no access to storage and scanning areas. Authorized personnel is kept to a select few who require access for mail processing purposes.

Direct Access, Inc. is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients. The very success of our business depends on it.


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Customer Support

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday,
8am to 5pm (PST)

Toll free number: (800) 761-6355

At Direct Access, Inc. customer service and support is given the highest priority. Our staff receives comprehensive and ongoing training to ensure they provide the very best in service and performance to our customers. In the event you need to contact our support staff, please give us a call us or e-mail us.

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