Inventory equals money. As a business, you have spent a considerable amount on stocking and safeguarding your inventory. Direct Access, Inc. understands the importance of protecting those investments.

From the time your shipments are unloaded at our location, they are in the best of hands. We inspect each delivery for any damage and notify you of any issues that we discover. Your inventory is then stored securely and any special handling or storage instructions are followed as needed.

Your delivery is then logged into our system which can then be accessed by you at your convenience.


Our receiving clerks are trained to be observant and vigilant in their inspections. Each delivery is inspected for damage and breakage that may have occurred during shipping. Any problems noted are immediately reported to customer service personnel who will then contact the customer to report the findings.

Any special instructions for storing and handling are complied with to the highest specifications.


RF scanners are one of our secrets to successfully and accurately track inventory and products. Each pallet is assigned a unique bar code which is attached via label. That code and label provide all available information about that product. Once the label is affixed and scanned that data is immediately transferred into our tracking software for the ultimate inventory control.


We attempt to make every process as seamless as possible. Our intent is to operate as an extension of your business and because we are not at your location the simplest way to do that is through the EDI interface.

We encourage all of our customers to utilize EDI whenever possible. This contains the latest and most up to date information about your shipments and inventory. Not physically being present is not an issue when EDI is used correctly. It’s just like being there! You have real time information on all your logistics data.

The system also allows you to make changes to orders and see when there were edits made on our end. This is the quickest way to communicate with our shipping clerks.

Automated Storage Selection

All products received in our facilities are evaluated for storage needs based on three factors: current inventory levels, temperature and environmental factors.

The ideal location is determined and product is stored accordingly. Alerts are in place that allow for immediate notifications when storage conditions change or inventory levels become low.

The system is continuously monitored and allows for quick modifications and solution implementation.

Key Performance Indicators

We have a number of indicators for which we automatically collect data. However, if your business needs extra, we can expand on those indicators to include those necessary for your particular analysis parameters.

KPI information can be quickly assessed at the customer’s request for reporting purposes.


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Customer Support

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday,
8am to 5pm (PST)

Toll free number: (800) 761-6355

At Direct Access, Inc. customer service and support is given the highest priority. Our staff receives comprehensive and ongoing training to ensure they provide the very best in service and performance to our customers. In the event you need to contact our support staff, please give us a call us or e-mail us.

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