Inadequate inventory causes a negative trickle-down effect. Low inventory levels means you can’t fulfill customer orders. This leads to unhappy customers who seek other avenues to get what they want which means you lose their business. Losing business means less cash flow and less cash flow means you don’t have the funds available to restock your inventory.

Direct Access, Inc. understands how critical it is to your business to maintain adequate inventory levels and minimize losses due to breakage and spoilage. That’s why we have systems in place that allow for constant monitoring of stock levels and potential product loss due to spoilage or upcoming expiration dates.

These systems also trigger notifications to the customers through our customer service department. You know right away if product is running low or there is a potential for loss due to impending spoilage dates.

Product Checks

We use a system of checks and balances in our facilities that are designed to minimize issues with inventory levels. RF scanners, customized labeling, and computer managed inventory system along with our well-trained and observant personnel all come together to provide a very reliable means to monitor inventory levels and identify issues before they become a problem.

Our approach to providing services to our customers is to have a pro-active approach in every area. Having back-up plans and protocols in place at times of crisis often helps to minimize negative effects and can actually help prevent the occurrence from happening in the first place.

Load Flexibility

We offer our customers the option of pre-loading their outgoing orders. The benefit is two-fold. Our customers can be confident that the chance for shipping delays has been neutralized because their orders are already loaded up and waiting to go. Direct Access, Inc. benefits from being able to better schedule and utilize our facility personnel when orders are marked for pre-loading.

Product Labeling

Just as each of our services can be customized to meet each individual’s business needs, so can our product labeling. We can design custom labels for your products that will load product details into our tracking system making the information available to you at the touch of a button.

These labels can be created for short-term (sales and promotions) or for long-term use.

Our custom labels help to set you apart for your competition by allowing you to create variety pallets for your customers’ orders. This gives them more flexibility and has the added bonus of creating more sales.

Carrier Network

Direct Access, Inc. has been in the business for many years. This has allowed us to cultivate and nurture relationships with the biggest names in the shipping industry. These relationships give us unprecedented access to incredibly low shipping rates we pass down to our clients.

You will not find lower rates anywhere.

EDI Interface And Customer Notifications

We strongly advise all of our customers to link with the EDI interface. EDI allows everyone access to real time information on orders and shipments. If a customer needs to adjust an order – it literally takes a few seconds to make those changes and they are communicated to all necessary parties immediately.

EDI has the capability to be customized to accept the information on any new labels we design for you.

Key Performance Indicators

As with our receiving services, Direct Access, Inc. monitors and collects data on several KPIs already. But if you find you need additional information for purposes of your internal reports, please let us know and we will be happy to add those indicators to our existing list and compile the information for you.

All information collected can be made available to you upon request or as part of a reporting schedule.


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At Direct Access, Inc. customer service and support is given the highest priority. Our staff receives comprehensive and ongoing training to ensure they provide the very best in service and performance to our customers. In the event you need to contact our support staff, please give us a call us or e-mail us.

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