Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment

Direct Access, Inc. can fulfill any special product handling that our customers may request. We offer the following services for their convenience:

Shrink Wrapping and Registered Film – Shrink wrapping helps secure pallets contents during transportation. In the case of reconfiguring, we use the registered film to re-secure the newly created pallets. Our staff will then create new labels and bar codes to affix to those pallets.

Customized Labels – We create labels for all incoming products for tracking purposes. If we create new pallets (products) for you, we can create a new label and code to go along with that product.

Heat Tunnel Processing – Sometimes products are not square and shrink wrapping just won’t get the job done. That is where heat tunneling comes into play. Heat tunneling allows the wrap to conform to a product that may be awkwardly shaped.

Air Bags – For exceptionally fragile loads, we can utilize air bags to further stabilize loads during transport.


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Customer Support

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday,
8am to 5pm (PST)

Toll free number: (800) 761-6355

At Direct Access, Inc. customer service and support is given the highest priority. Our staff receives comprehensive and ongoing training to ensure they provide the very best in service and performance to our customers. In the event you need to contact our support staff, please give us a call us or e-mail us.

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