Quality Control

Direct Access, Inc. conducts routine inspections on inventory and equipment for three main reasons: maximize assets, minimize losses and employee safety.


Our staff conducts inspections on all incoming shipments to ascertain if any damage has occurred during transit. If any damaged product is found, then it is immediately reported back to the customer so the appropriate action can be taken.

Inventory levels are monitored for low stock issues and potential spoilage due to impending expiration dates. All issues are reported back to the customer and the staff will receive instructions from the customer on how to proceed.

We can also work with your team to created and establish protocols to address the most common issues. This alleviates any delay in taking action. Our staff will have protocols in place to follow in the event a scenario occurs. These protocols will have been given your stamp of approval and will eliminate the need to contact you for further instructions at each occurrence.

Safety checks not only help protect your assets but they ensure the safety of our employees as well. Trailers and facility equipment are inspected regularly to identify any issues that may compromise product and employee safety so that corrective action may be taken before any real problems occur.


All incoming inventory is labeled upon arrival for tracking purposes. If we create new product at your behest, that product is relabeled with the new information. This helps to identify where in the facility a particular product is and will also help to identify low inventory levels and upcoming expirations.

Hazardous Materials

Our facilities are equipped to handle and store a number of hazardous materials. We have measures in place that meet the regulations and guidelines established for those items. We take every safety precaution possible to ensure the safety of the employees in our facility. Remember that we are here for our customers, so if you have such an item that you are interested in having us handle, please contact us and we will be happy to review our policies and procedures with you.

We can also handle the appropriate disposal of those hazardous materials if needed while ensuring that all laws regarding proper disposal are followed so that you and your company are compliant.


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Customer Support

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday,
8am to 5pm (PST)

Toll free number: (800) 761-6355

At Direct Access, Inc. customer service and support is given the highest priority. Our staff receives comprehensive and ongoing training to ensure they provide the very best in service and performance to our customers. In the event you need to contact our support staff, please give us a call us or e-mail us.

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