Instructions For Filling Out Form 1583

Form 1583 – Description And Usage

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has specific rules in place in regards to how packages and correspondence are received and delivered. Any company who is in the business of providing mail services is bound by the rules that the USPS has put in place.

Direct Access, Inc. is what is known as a CMRA (Commercial Mail Receiving Agent). All of our mail service customers must fill out a 1583 form in order to allow us to provide mail services for them. This form legally gives us authorization to process your mail. The form must be completed and signed and returned to us before we can assign the mailbox and begin providing services.

Who Is Required To Complete A Form 1583?

Any business or person that wishes to have a CMRA handle their correspondence and packages must complete a 1583 form.

This is required by the U.S. Postal Service and provides us with the authorization to process your mail.

Where Can I Get A Copy Of Form 1583?

Your local post office can provide you with a copy of the form or you can use the following link to download a version to print: USPS 1583.

Instructions For Completing Form 1583

Form 1583 is broken down into 3 sections. The first section will ask for information about you, the second section will be about the CMRA you chose to handle your mail and third section will be about yourbusiness (if applicable).

Box 1 – Enter the date in the upper right hand corner in the box indicated.

Box 2 – Enter the name of the individual (or business) to whom the mailbox will be registered.

Box 3 – Enter the mailbox information and the number you chose when you created your account with

Box 4 – This section will be completed by a representative of

Box 5 – Sign your name. This serves as authorization for us to serve as your appointed CMRA

Box 6 & 7 – Enter your name and address. This most likely will be the same as the information in Box 2

Box 8 – Indicate which forms of identification you will be using as proof of identity. Also enter any identification numbers pertaining to those IDs. One of the IDs you choose must provide a photo of you.

Box 9 - This box should only be completed if the mailbox will be used for a business. Do not complete it if your mailbox will be for personal use.

Box 10a-10e – Enter the contact information for the business.

Box 11 – Specify what field your business operates in (e.g. technology, agriculture, fashion, etc.)

Box 12 – Enter the names of any persons who will be receiving mail at this address. There can be multiple individuals listed such as, family members, business officers, etc.There is no limit to the number of names you can add to this list.

Submitting Form 1583

Please note it is very important that you have this form notarized. The form cannot be accepted if it has not been notarized. If the form was signed in the presence of one of our representatives, then you are not required to have it notarized. The purpose of the notarization is to serve as proof of your identity. We require that your signature and certification be attached on a separate document which will be submitted with form 1583.

Local banks or insurance agents can often provide notary services. A simple internet search should yield several options in your area.

**For international customers, embassies and banks can often provide notary services. If you find it difficult to locate a notary, an official seal from a government agency is acceptable. Astatement from your attorney attesting to and confirming your identity is also acceptable.

The documents should be sent by one of the methods below:

Regular Mail – Use the address listed under “contact us” on our website. Make certain that you have included all the necessary papers and ID copies.

E-mail – Using our e-mail address (insert e-mail), you can scan all papers, additional documents and IDs and send as attachments.

Acceptable Forms Of ID

  • Government issued ID or driver’s license
  • Voter ID
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Company work ID
  • Green card/naturalization ID
  • Passport
  • Copy of mortgage, deed or lease
  • Insurance policy

Social security cards and birth certificates are not accepted forms of identification.


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